We have all been there before

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We have all been there before. Once the final school bell rings, a stampede is unleashed before our eyes.  Work, appointments, after school activities, little league practice, dinner, our favorite tv show, traffic,  quiet time, replying to growing email piles, evening workout, sleep, and the list goes on and on.  There are so many things that eagerly await to capture our time.  Then your child drops the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

“Don’t forget  the PTO meeting is tonight.”

The first thing that comes to mind  is “where am I going to find the time to go to the meeting?”  Then the moral delima begins. Your heart wants to go, your brain wants to be informed on what’s happening at the school, and your hands want to volunteer and help out.  Just before that feeling of “I should go“ guilt convicts you to attend, the screams of all your other commitments create a place of chaos and confliction that usually end up leaving your heart sympathetically hoping “I’ll make it to the next one”

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We all know that the true strength of the PTO is the members. Here are a few mathematical equations on education to prove the point

1)      PTO – Teachers = PO. That’s two levels below poor, indicating severe state of lack

2)      PTO – Parents = TO.  That’s high levels of Turn Over and Low levels of Turn Out.; i.e. no productivity

3)      PTO – Organization = PT.  That’s Preposterous Thinking  to expect maximum results from Part Time effort

In other words, we need everyone to make the Explorer PTO as successful as it can be.  Everyone knows this, but we are still left with the chaos from the paragraph from above.  Since the PTO is all about teamwork, here a few tips to help free up some time so we all can improve our attendance at the meetings.


·         On the day before the PTO meeting, cook a double portion or cook two meals.  That way you reduce cooking to a few minutes in the microwave

·         Take advantage of the Spirit Night and Pizza Sale opportunities at the meeting.  You can take care of dinner and raise funds at the same time.

·         Pack a brown bag dinner. Sandwiches are great any time of the day.


·         If you live close enough to the school, bicycle or walk to the meeting. 

·         Schedule you workout for after the meeting

·         Arrive to the PTO meeting 15 minute early and take a brisk walk around the campus.  This may inspire ideas for school improvement

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·         Use the buddy system with another parent on the team. Perhaps take turns going to the PTO meeting or carpooling the kids

·         Create a family calendar, prioritize activites,  and try to schedule lower priority activities on another day.

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